Cubelands – The story behind the free online game

In Cubelands, players were expected by a world completely made of cubes they were able to design entirely according to their own ideas. This form of innovative and cool online games is also known as sandbox games. For, just like in a sandbox, the surfaces of these free online games can be designed entirely individually, and, for the most players, players are able to determine which adventures and stories they will experience for themselves, too. Cubelands ranked among the genre of building games.

As virtual architects, players were able to construct small as well as large buildings and constructions by mining, removing, or placing cubes in the game world of Cubelands. Reconstructing a medieval cathedral, or an Egyptian sphinx? In Cubelands, all of this used to be possible, too. Of course, players were also able to design and realize completely imaginary forms. A well-fortified stronghold, a skyscraper, or a stadium – the possibilities of planning and designing their very own game world were numerous, depending on which age or which architectural style players preferred.

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